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Looking to buy a car in Cyprus? Choose CyprusAutoService!

Japanese cars are deservedly popular in Cyprus. The interest in buying cars from auctions in Japan is attractive due to the prospect of a profitable "win." It resembles the excitement of a casino, but with one noticeable difference: if you didn't win, you didn't lose, you simply wait for the next chance. It is important to note that Japanese auctions are very different in format from those we are accustomed to. At Japanese auctions, individuals do not have access; access is open only to licensed dealers.

As a result of this condition, many "helpers" emerge, promising to "hit the Japanese jackpot." These "helpers" promise a lot but guarantee nothing, disappearing with your money. That's why the news feeds in Cyprus are full of reports of people sending money but the car never arriving. So what to do in this situation? Look for a reliable supplier who takes responsibility for your funds. If you want to order a car from Japan to Cyprus, you have several reasons to choose CyprusAutoService

cars from japan in cyprus
buy your can in cyprus

  1. We don't just promise – we fulfill our promises.

  2. We not only work with your order but also bear local responsibility in Cyprus for its execution.

  3. We will competently explain all the nuances to you so that you won't face unforeseen expenses.

  4. We provide a two-year warranty on your car.

  5. We don't just engage in car importation, but also provide subsequent maintenance.

We are part of a Japanese corporation that imports cars to Cyprus. We are them: we offer only what we see, check, and recommend ourselves. Our employees not only verify the authenticity of auction sheets in Japan but also provide photo and video reports of their work with your car! This is the main difference between CyprusAutoService and all others: everyone promises, but only we guarantee and take responsibility – for your funds and your desires. We even offer financing! Sign up in line to fulfill your car dreams at CyprusAutoService. We turn your car dreams into our care!


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