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How to order a car from Japan to Cyprus

Updated: May 1 it has its own staff at Japanese auctions. These are professional, licensed Japanese dealers who have the right to place bets. Under Japanese law, an individual who does not have a special dealer license is not allowed to bid at any car auctions. Our associates will not only place a bid for you, but they will also check the entire history of the car and its owner(s). You will know exactly how many owners the car has had, as well as complete and unedited information about the technical and external condition of the car and its history. The customer will be fully acquainted with their car before the start of the auction. Information can be provided in Russian, English or Greek

Terms of individual order of cars from Japanese auctions from

· A Deposit of 2000 euros is required. This deposit amount is mandatory and serves as a guarantee for paying for the auction fee and refund penalties should there be any. In the event that the buyer refuses to buy the car after winning an auction, a 100% fine will be imposed and the buyer will be blacklisted from all subsequent auctions for a period of at least12 months.

Should the buyer refuse to place a bid on a car before the start of the auction, an amount of 500 Euro will be deducted for the coverage of the Auction Fees and another 500 Euro will be subtracted to cover the Agency Fees. The remaining amount of 1000 euros can be refunded to the buyer or credited to the buyer's credit account in Cyprus Autoservice.

· After winning, the buyer is issued a Pro-Forma invoice. The invoice consists of: the cost of the car won, the Agency fee(includes removing the car from the register in Japan, preparing all necessary documents for sending the car, sending the car to the port of departure and other necessary procedures), the cost of transportation, and car insurance. The average cost of all necessary payments (usual range of 3500-3800 euros) depends on the cost, size, weight of the car and its location.

· The buyer must pay the Pro-Forma invoice within 6 days from the date of winning the car at the auction. In case of non-payment at the appointed time, the car will be put up for auction with full retention of the Deposit. Before the expiration of 6 days, the buyer also has the choice to pay an additional 420 Euro to the account of CyprusAutoService in order to earn the right to prolong the payment for up to 14 days.

· All payments are made in Euros to the Gloria Motors Services Ltd account, unless otherwise agreed

* CyprusAutoService tracks the shipment, transportation, arrival of the car in Larnaca (and in some cases Limassol), performs all customs procedures up to the exit of the car from the port.

- At the time of arrival of the car at the port, the buyer must pay 10% import duty and an the standard 19% VAT on the full price of the car, including delivery (CIF price) and on the import tax itself. Payment must be received within 1 business day to the account of Gloria Motors Services ltd. If the payment is delayed, a fine of 10 euros per day is charged. At this time, the car remains at the port at the Parking lot.

· After completing the customs clearance of the car, Cyprus Autoservice issues an invoice for the remaining balance, which includes (brokerage fee, delivery fee, MOT test and SVA test, stamp duty, road tax, handling, car registration, registration and license plate) the amount of fees varies from the weight, make and price of the car. The indicative (approximate price) is announced by CyprusAutoService to the buyer in advance.

· The buyer must pay the final balance within 5 days after customs clearance of the car. If the final payment is late, a fine of 10 euros per day will be charged.

· After paying the final invoice, the buyer must provide an insurance policy, a Passport or ID or a Pink Slip (in the event that the buyer is a foreigner) in order to receive the title.

CyprusAutoService undertakes to convey all information to the client specified in the auction list.

Attention! We would like to specifically warn our customers that ordering automobiles with an ‘R’ or ‘RA’ rating is associated with and implies certain risks. While these cars may be relatively and at times significantly cheaper than ones with a perfect rating, photos of cars and auction lists of cars with this rating may not reflect the entire or true picture of the technical as well as the aesthetic condition of the car. Should you choose to bid on cars with the less than a perfect rating (i.e ‘R’ and ‘RA’) it is implied that you will also accept any hidden defects which may be associated with doing so.

During the transportation of the car, extremely rarely, the car may be scratched or damaged. Insurance will of course cover any major damages, but in the case that small, hard to detect scratches (not listed on the auction list) may arise, they are the sole risk and responsibility of the buyer.

CyprusAutoService has its own base for car repairs and maintenance and, at the request of the client; we will arrange for the repair of all possible external damage at very reasonable rates.

We recommend choosing cars with a rating of 4 or higher, as they do not have a history of accidents or mechanical problems.

CyprusAutoService does not accept requests for immobilized cars (in non-operational condition)

CyprusAutoService does not accept requests for sunken/water damaged cars.

Purchased cars are not refundable.

CyprusAutoService is not liable for cargo transportation and loss due to forc

cars from japan to cyprus
japanese car importer

e majeure (military actions, fire, and seizure of the vessel). In cases of force majeure, the carrier'

s insurance company bears all responsibility.

All further consultations, questions, photos, suggestions and related information are provided only via viber or whats up +35799908700 or email . The entire purchase history is kept only in writing.

All rights to this offer and article belong to Gloria Motors Services ltd.

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