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Customs Clearance of Cars in Cyprus: Save Time and Nerves with CyprusAutoService

Customs clearancethis is a procedure that can become a burden, especially if you are new and don't know what to do. Of course, you can figure out all the nuances on your own, but why not entrust this issue to professionals?

Complete Services from CyprusAutoService

By contacting CyprusAutoService, you get:

  • Customs clearance and all customs procedures within 1 day

  • Checking all documents before the car enters the port

  • Car pickup from the port

  • Passing through all the necessary formalities, including car registration

CyprusAutoService also has its own car service center. We offer:

As a result, by contacting us, you get the title of the car and number plate without any hassle within 5-7 working days. If you decide to do it yourself, be prepared to spend months of time and a lot of nerves.

What is Important to Know about Car Customs Clearance in Cyprus?

All cars arriving outside the EU are subject to payment:

  • 10% import duty on the CIF price (the cost of all auto expenses + shipping)

  • After paying the fee, 19% VAT is charged

  • In addition, there will be a brokerage and delivery fee, 2 tests (SVA and MOT), registration, road tax, numbers

On average, the cost of all customs clearance costs is about 40% of the car's CIF price.

Full Logistics from Japan

For the convenience of customers, CyprusAutoService offers a full package of logistics services. Our employees in Japan will take care of your car, prepare all the documents, and you just have to wait for your car to be received in Cyprus on a turnkey basis.

car logistics from japan to cyprus
car in cyprus

Japan Auction Cars With Warranty

We also provide car purchase services from Japanese auctions. You choose the car yourself, make your own bids - we handle all the logistics. It is reliable and with a guarantee of receiving your car in Cyprus.

Sign up for a consultation on buying a car from a Japanese auction here


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