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How to Order a Car from a Japanese Auction in Cyprus with a Guarantee through

Japan Auction vs Casino: Your Winning Guaranteed

The difference between a Japanese auction and a casino is simple: when you bid in an auction, you always win. If your bid is not successful, your deposit and bid will be rolled over to another lot. Wait for your lucky day and make the purchase you need!

Step by Step Guide to Win:

1. Registration on the Site

Register on our Auction Portal hereThe process is quick and easy - just couple of minutes.

2. Deposit Payment

Pay a deposit to participate in rates - 10% of the approximate amount of the car, but not less than 2 thousand euros.

3. Start Betting

Select the car you like and start bidding.

4. Winning the Auction

Follow the auction and wait for your winnings.

5. Balance Payment

After winning the auction, pay the remaining amount for the car.

6. Get Auto

Get your car already with keys and title in Cyprus through

Personal Consultation with an Expert

To save you time, we recommend that you book a consultation with our auction expert. Important: auction consultations are available only to serious buyers by appointment. Telephone consultations are not provided, as it is important for us to explain everything to you in person. This will save you a lot of time.


With us you get a guarantee of the security of the transaction and the quality of the car. We care about each client and provide only proven cars.

Don't miss your chance to own a quality car from Japan. Your auction victory is guaranteed with! More details read here


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