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How to get a good price for your car

Updated: Jun 19, 2023

How to properly prepare a car for sale

Why you should do pre-sale car preparation with Cyprus Autoservice

Complete pre-sale preparation of cars allows you to eliminate various damages and defects, as well as to give the car an attractive appearance.

During the pre-sale preparation of the car, we perform only those tasks which will subsequently and significantly increase the market value of the car.

We do not implement unnecessary procedures or services.

Our specialists prepare for the sale of vehicles of all brands and classes, regardless of their mileage and duration of operation.

Pre-sale preparation includes the following types of work:

1. Safe washing of the engine and engine compartment by steam

Safe steam cleaning of the engine allows you to eliminate oil stains, traces of repair and maintenance and other undesirable dirt and contamination. Compressed steam under pressure gently cleans the surface even in hard-to-reach places without damaging the electrical nodes.

2. Washing and polishing of the car’s body

Polishing of the car before sale will completely restore the gloss and eliminate all the scratches which formed on the paint coating during the car’s lifespan.

3. Dry cleaning of the car’s interior by steam (dry cleaning)

During the steam cleaning process, traces of animal and human hairs, food stains and other contamination are effectively eliminated. At the end of the process, the surface becomes perfectly clean and the interior is fragrant with freshness.

4. The restoration of leather and plastic

Restoration of worn-out interior elements made of leather and plastic. Eliminate scuffs, snags, scratches, cigarette burns, cuts, and other defects.

5. Repair of scratches on the body without painting

In most cases, all sorts of scratches on the body can be restored. We repair chips and scratches on the hood, the fenders, the bumper and the doors by spot-painting using repair kits.

We recommend using paint only in extreme cases. The presence of painted parts on the car body negatively affects the potential buyer's decision.

6. Computer diagnostics of the vehicle systems performance and error removal.

During the operation of the car, various errors accumulate in the ECU memory, some of them indicate real malfunctions but additionally many errors remain when simply replacing a burned-out light bulb, disconnecting the battery or any other devices.

7. Headlight polishing

Over time, the headlights of the car become cloudy, the plastic loses its transparency. This affects does not only affect the appearance but also makes it less safe when driving at night. Polishing the headlights eliminates this problem.

The price of a package of services starts at 200 euros and it of course depends on the brand of car, the degree of contamination, and the number of repairs.

All who ordered this service will receive as a gift a photo session of their car and the publication of your car on our website.

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