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How to buy a car from Japan in Cyprus: pitfalls of customs clearance from 2024

Buying a car from abroad, especially at auctions in Japan, can be a tempting and profitable idea. However, before you go down this path, it is important to be aware of the possible difficulties and pitfalls associated with customs clearance importing a car in Cyprus.

Purchasing at Japanese auctions: myths and reality

Many people dream of getting great deals at Japanese car auctions, but it is worth remembering that this is not always easy. Japanese car auctions famous for their variety and affordable prices. Many people dream of winning at an auction and getting their car at a very attractive price. However, it is worth remembering that the lowest price does not always guarantee quality. Therefore, it is necessary to carefully study the condition of the car and its history before purchasing. At auctions, prices may be lower, but there are risks: you You can buy a car with flaws or an unfortunate history, because the auction sheet is just an addition and is not a guarantee. Cars are also checked by people, and in March-April auction houses recruit new employees, there is a great chance of running into an inexperienced auctioneer. Therefore, it is important to take responsibility for assessing the condition of the car, either immediately turn to professionals who have their own staff at auctions, physically double-check auction lists and the quality of cars, and also have offices locally, in Cyprus, for example as Cyprusautoservice.

Customs clearance in Cyprus: potential difficulties

After you have successfully purchased a car at auction the next step will be customs clearance in Cyprus. Unforeseen difficulties may arise here. Cyprus Customs may not agree with the price at which you purchased the car and may value it higher. This happens periodically, and mainly to those who were simply lucky with their winnings. This may result in additional unexpected taxes and duties. Cyprus Customs may not take into account the seller's arguments, auction extracts or sales statistics. (This is extremely important new information from 2024 )

Customs clearance in Cyprus: potential difficulties, dispute resolution procedure

If customs decides that the price of your car should be higher than you have paid, you will have to go through the appeal process. In this case, the car will be blocked at the port until the investment inspection is carried out. An appeal request will be sent to the embassy of the sending country (Japan) and the seller. The seller will be required to provide proof of the vehicle's value, including statements and declarations from local tax authorities. This may take time and incur additional costs, requiring cooperation with the seller and providing proof of the value of the vehicle to the satisfaction of Cyprus Customs. Unfortunately, recently, such cases occur quite often, given the gaps in the Cypriot legislation, abuse of power by the tax authorities and the absolute helplessness of the end consumer before the Cyprus tax service.

Advantages of working with a professional company when buying a car in Cyprus

To avoid difficulties and unexpected expenses, many turn to professional companies specializing in car imports. For example, the Cyprusautoservice company assumes all risks and concerns about customs clearance, including appeal, in the event of an emergency customs inspection, providing customers with guarantee and protection. This allows customers to save time and effort

In summary, purchasing a car from Japan and clearing it through customs in Cyprus can be successful, but it requires attention to detail, good preparation and extensive experience in customs transactions.

Cyprusautoservice company, offering customs clearance services and car import, is a good solution for those who want to minimize risks and simplify the process of buying a car from Japan. The guarantee and the opportunity to shift responsibility for customs clearance to us is a great advantage that you deserve. The best reward for us is your satisfaction with your purchase.

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